Music Geragogics as a discipline:
An emerging field in Germany

Music geragogy encompasses a fusion of musical pedagogy and gerontology. It facilitates the transfer and acquisition of musical skills in later life. 

In contrast to working with children and young adults, research and practice development working with old people a different set of skills are required. To facilitate older people interests, skills and abilities to enjoy music, intergenerational and cultural sensitivity is called for. This then needs to be considered within the context of an individual’s life course experiences and related to their cognitive and physical abilities. Significant findings in this field have developed out of associated disciplines such as health and social care, psychology of ageing, gerontology and therapeutic pedagogy.

Music geragologists work in institutions such as Schools of Music; Academies for Senior Citizens and long term care facilities  


Examples of musical-geragogical work:

listening to songs and classical music pieces and accompanying them with Orff instruments:


playing in a Rock band:


learning new instruments with or without dementia:





continuing developing musical skills together:


dancing while seated


For further reading, please attend to the following information available in English:

  • Wickel, Hans Hermann (2007): Music in Social Work – as illustrated by Music Making with the Elderly (Music Geragogics). In: In Dialogue. Elemental Music and Dance Education in Interdisciplinary Contexts. Schott.